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Ingredient Spotlight: Pineapple Extract

The pineapple is a symbol of hospitality as well as a tasty treat. Like many fruits and vegetables, it can be just as nourishing on the body as in the body. Eating mineral-rich pineapple pulp, drinking the juice, and applying both to the body have multiple beauty benefits. We chose to incorporate it into our shower gel collection for multiple reasons & here are a few;

 1. Fairer Complexion: Pineapple extract helps the body synthesize collagen, which helps skin stay firm and flexible, while vitamin C and amino acids aid in cell and tissue repair. The formation of collagen also prevents wrinkles on the face. Pineapple extract improves skin hydration and also shows way to the dead cells from the skin.

 2. Treats Acne: Pineapple juice is the storehouse of vitamin C, bromelain and antioxidants, which are extremely beneficial in the treatment and prevention of acne, fine lines, sun damaged and uneven skin toning, etc. Bromelain softens the skin and used against skin inflammation and swelling. 

3. Youthfulness: Pineapple is the best source of anti-oxidants in the form of vitamin C that boosts the immunity of the body. By preventing radicals, it also makes your skin smooth and facilitates the feeling of looking younger. 

4. Prevents pimples: Drinking pineapple juice means you are taking to some extent Alpha-hydroxy acids, which helps to slow down the aging process. By applying our pineapple shower gel over your face for 5 minutes followed by washing with clean water also helps to make you smarter and glows your face by preventing pimples and blemishes. 

 Generally, fruits and vegetables that nourish skin also indirectly promote nail and hair health, and pineapple is no exception. Our Pineapple Shower Gels is a natural way for you to nourish, sooth and cleanse your skin. Grab your very own Amagara Skincare Pineapple Shower Gel TODAY and find out how good it feels to use natural, nourishing ingredients on the skin!

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