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Ingredient Spotlight: Cucumber Extract

Cucumber is used on a regular basis in our salads and other appetizers. However not only is it as refreshing and soothing to our digestive system, but it comes with a list of benefits to our skincare and beauty regime.  Did you know the pH of cucumber extract is the same as that of human skin? And the fact that it contains almost 90% of water means it acts as a natural cooling and hydrating agent to your skin.

But enough of the science. What many people want to know is; what exactly are the benefits of adding this to my beauty regime? There are a multitude of answers to this, but we’ll give you the four good reasons WE chose to incorporate this ingredient into our products:

1.  Revitalizes Skin: Want to know how to get that natural glow? CUCMBER EXTRACT! As a single ingredient, cucumber resolves several skin problems and enhances healthy, younger looking skin. It’s also an easy way to get rid of the oiliness that occurs in several skin types leaving you with that ‘glow’.

2.  Hydrates Skin: I mean, it is made up largely of water so rejuvenation is a given. Cucumber is the perfect way to help hydrate dull skin and is heavily recommended to those that suffer from dry skin.

3.  Evening out Skin Complexion: After hours spent in the sun, cucumber provides instant relief. Its anti inflammatory properties help soothe your skin and it is also helpful in reducing the visibility of scars, and restoring skin complexion.

4.  Anti-Ageing Properties: Cucumber is extremely beneficial for firming up the skin and tightening it. Cucumber is a natural moisturizer. Early use of cucumber reduces and rather reverses signs of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles and dull skin. This is due to the presence of manganese and potassium.

Our cucumber collection of products is a natural way for you to nourish, sooth and cleanse your skin. Cucumbers work well with all skin types, from oily to mature skin. Grab your very own Amagara Skincare cucumber body butter, hand lotion & body lotion TODAY and find out how good it feels to use natural, nourishing ingredients on the skin!

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