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Amagara Skincare formed a partnership with Alcode in 2012, where we ethically source Shea butter from them at a premium price as long as they are supporting their Women group communities involved in the Shea nut collection, drying, Storage and processing
ALCODE stands for Agency for Local Community Development, an NGO that was started in 1998 in Otuke County, Lira District. “The Shea Project is based on the value of the nilotic shea-butter tree, Vitellaria paradoxa ssp. nilotica, a slow-growing hardwood fruit tree indigenous to northern Uganda and Southern Sudan. Inside the nutritious fruit is a large hard seed which yields shea-butter, a food-oil, cosmetic and sacred substance of great importance to the people who live with the tree, particularly the women farmers who process the nut and use income from the tree to sustain their families, and to improve their lives.
Women's income from Shea products pays for children's school fees, clothing, salt, soap and taxes - all the cash needs of a household.“


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